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Air Jet Bathtub: An air jet bathtub is the general description of a bathtub built with bubble-making air jets. Each jet contains a check valve to insure no water is allowed into the air line feeding the jet. Each jet uses complete anti-microbial hose to insure no bacteria growth. Also each system comes with an air blower that automatically heats the air to 145 degrees to keep your bath water from cooling off and allowing a more comfortable and longer air therapy session. The normal jet configuration for air massage systems will contain 16 jets with 4 openings each making it a combined 64 jet outlet system.

American Aqua Heat System: The most unique heater for your whirlpool bathtub on the market today. This is a hollow jacket that fits directly over the whirlpool motor, as the water is being circulated through the pump and being transferred back through the Hydro-therapy jets in the bathtub, it is taking the heat from the motor and transferring it back into the bath water. There is absolutely no electricty needed for our Aqua-Heat transfer jacket. It will actually raise the water temperature by .2 degrees every 10 minutes. It also has the ability to lower the temperature of the motor allowing the motor to have a considerably longer life thus allowing bathtubs.com to extend the warranty of the motor from the manufacturers original 2 year warranty to a full 5 year warranty.

Anti-Microbial: Many of our products contain anti-microbial additives which is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Anti-Microbials are substances that are incorporated into the manufacturing process when the plastic parts are made. The complete bathtub surface is anti-microbial and 80 percent of the air and water jet components are now anti-microbial. All normal cleaning procedures should still be followed.

Clean-Fill: Each whirlpooled bathtub comes with a port for the ease of adding our Clean*Way product, which insures all internal components of the whirlpool system including the Lifetime Warranty pump can be kept free of bacteria.

Clean*Way: Clean*Way is a natural, environmentally-friendly citrus solvent that dissolves the build up of body and bath oils, dirt, hair, soap scum, rust, and mineral deposits, which are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Clean*Way also works great for all sanitary surfaces - showers, vanity tops, sinks, kitchen countertops, tile, and toilets.

ColorGlo: ColorGlo is a unique lighting system we developed for custom bathtubs. The colored lights create an upscale atmosphere for your relaxing bath. The colors can change or be set to one color. Contact us for installation information.

Combination Bathtub: A combination bathtub is built with a combination of air and water jets. A combination tub is great for different options in bathing: You can enjoy the stimulation of the air jet bubbles or relax and enjoy the therapeutic massage of the water jets. Combination tubs have recently become a very popular new trend.

Safety Suction Valve: This valve was designed to lessen or eliminate hair entrapment in whirlpool bathtub systems. As standard equipment on all American Acrylic tubs, this valve is a valuable feature to help ensure your loved ones are safe. A simple spring-driven plunger will open and introduce air into your whirlpool pump. The pump will de-prime, allowing hair or other obstruction to be easily removed. Once the pressure on the system returns to normal operation, the whirlpool system will continue.

Note: No device can guarantee complete safety. Children should only us a whirlpool bathtub with proper supervision.

Soaker Bathtub: A soaker tub is a basic bathtub without air jets or whirlpool jets.

Whirlpool Bathtub: A whirlpool bathtub is the general description of a bathtub built with therapeutic water jets. Each bathtub can be configured in hundreds of different configurations. We can put in as few as 4 jets or as many as 24 in some instances. We have a variety of jet options from standard colored matched plastic straight shooting water jets to whirly jets, large adjustable jets, mini-lateral jets strategically located for foot or back massage. There are also many different metal finishes available in (Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Antique Oil Rubbed Bronze). All of our whirlpool system components are manufactured directly by us in Farmersville, Texas.


  1. Before initial operation of your new American System take a few minutes to read instructions on its operations.
  2. Never allow the whirlpool system to run without sufficient water in the tub. The pump is designed to be cooled by the water. Continued operation without water could damage seal or impeller.
  3. Never allow small children in the bathtub without proper supervision.
  4. Don't place small articles in the bathtub that could possibly enter into the jets or suction area.
  5. If your system is operated by a timer or wall switch always set timer or switch while out of the bathtub.
  6. If your system is operated by an air switch it can be turned on or off at any time while in the bathtub.
  7. Make sure the eyeballs of all jets are turned in a downward position.
  8. Do not add bubble bath, soaps, or oils to the water.
  9. While in the bathtub you may start making the necessary adjustments for the most comforting and relaxing bathing experience:
    • Adjust the eyeball for the directional flow that most suits you.
    • By adjusting the Air Control(s) you can determine your own air and water mixture. The Air Control closed all the way will eliminate air from your jets. Open your control(s) a slight turn at a time until the suitable massage action is determined.
  10. Be careful not to overdo your stay in the bathtub.


To properly clean an acrylic bathtub it is recommended to wipe the surface with a damp cloth or sponge using household soap or liquid detergent. Stubborn dirt or stains may be removed using Spic & Span in powder form or equivalents. DO NOT use any cleaning products containing abrasive or solvents since these could dull the brilliant surface. Products are like Bon-Ami, Comet, Ajax, or Lysol are not recommended. Harsh chemicals should never be used on acrylic surfaces.

American Whirlpool Systems: It is necessary to regularly clean your American Whirlpool System. Normal cleaning should be about once a month.

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water.
  2. Add 1 cup of Clean*Way.
  3. Turn your system on and allow it to run for about 10 minutes.
  4. Drain bathtub.
  5. Fill your tub once again with water and allow your system to run another 10 minutes, purging all soap from the lines.
  6. Drain tub. You should now have a clean and sanitary whirlpool system.


These instructions are based on experience with American Acrylic & Injection, Inc. products only. Instructions for other manufacturer's products is specifically disclaimed. These suggestions are based on information believed to be reliable, however American Acrylic makes no warranty, guarantee, or representation as to the absolute correctness or sufficiency of any of the foregoing, or that additional measures may not be required under particular conditions or circumstances.

Pump Won't Start
- Check wiring to motor
- Check to make sure on/off switch or pneumatic switch is on.
- Check to see that airline from air switch to motor is connected.
- Check circuit breaker.
Motor Hums
- Check for obstructions in pump.
- Check to see if shaft is turning.
- Check to see if impeller in pump is turning.
Motor Shuts On/Off
- Motor is equipped with an overload protector. If proper wire gauge has not been used, the line voltage to your motor will not be sufficient to carry your motor load without over heating.
- Check to insure correct circuit breaker has been installed.
System Leaks
- Check all pipe joints on whirlpool system.
- Check "O" rings in pump unions to see if rings are properly seated.
- Check pump seals.
Water at Air Control
- Check all venturis. All lines on top and water lines at the bottom.
- Check all lines to insure no lines have been crossed during installation.
- Check to insure no glue has obstructed the air or water orifices during installation.
Pump Won't Prime
- Motor is designed for flood suction use. Pump should be slightly higher than bathtub suction.
- Check hightest jets for any possible obstructions.
- Check for any leaks in whirlpool system.
- Check for obstruction in the pump.
- Check for air leaks in the suction line and loosen union to see if "O" ring is seated properly.
- Water level should be above highest jet.


installation instructions


To all original purchasers of its products, American Acrylic & Injections, Inc., 419 Welch Drive, Farmersville, TX 75442, warrants its motors free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years and limited life time warranty on the pump and whirlpool components.

Products which fail or become defective during the warranty period, except as a result of freezing, accident, negligence, improper installation, use, or care, shall be repaired or replaced at our option, without charge within 90 days of receipt of defective products, barring unforeseen delays.

American Acrylic & Injection, Inc. shall not be responsible for cartage, removal, and/or re-installation labor, or any other such costs incurred in obtaining warranty replacements.

Some states do not allow a limitation on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Pump: American Acrylic & Injection, Inc. is not responsible for loss of the system or inconvenience, loss or damage to personal property or their consequential damage.

American Acrylic & Injection, Inc. extends a limited lifetime warranty to all original purchasers of its pumps that they are free from defects in materials and workmanship. Note: Alteration of pump location voids warranty.

The limited lifetime warranty applies only on the plastic pump as manufactured by American Acrylic & Injection, Inc. and specifically excludes all components and/or parts which are accessories therein. The motor/air switch is warranted for a period of two (2) years by the manufacturer to the original purchaser from the date of purchase.

Products which fail or become defective during warranty period shall be repaired or replaced at our option without charge and within 60 days of receipt of the defective product.

In case of removal or replacements, the purchaser assumes the responsibility for labor expenses for service, removal, and re-installation; unless a service labor agreement exists between the purchaser and dealer.

The warranties made above are only warranties on the separate components of the system. Improper or negligent installation of your tub with the plumbing, electrical hook-up connections, or alterations or modifications to the system are not covered by any warranty, expressed or implied. This is the only expressed or implied warranty given by American Acrylic & Injection, Inc.

To obtain warranty replacements or repair, defective products should be returned, transportation paid, to the place of purchase, or to American Acrylic & Injection, Inc.



We warranty to the original purchaser and the original user for a time of 5 years with original Proof of Purchase that our bathtubs

  1. Will be free from manufacturing defects
  2. Will not chip, blister or delaminate

Our liability is limited only to repair or replacement of the product at the point of original purchase F.O.B. Factory. We shall not be held liable for any installation cost, labor or damage incurred from removal or reinstallation. This warranty does not apply to products installed in commercial properties (rental properties, motels, hotels, etc.) This warranty does not apply to whirlpool units or any damage relating to installation of the whirlpool system. Your whirlpool system should be covered under a separate warranty.

This warranty will not apply if:

  1. Tub is not installed according to our instructions or not installed according to local building codes and ordinances.
  2. If moved from original point of installation.
  3. If proper care and customary cleaning instructions are not followed.
  4. If bathtub is subjected to abuse, mishandling or accident.
  5. Not warranted outside the United States.

Clean*Way is the best cleaning product for cleaning your whirlpool or hot tub.

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